The Trouble with Special Meetings from my (The Mayor of your City) Perspective!

It is really difficult to realize that, as the Mayor in the first eight months of your term, you have been totally shut out by your Council.

In one week after two months of not being allowed to give the Mayor’s Report to the Citizens, to learning that you no longer will have the ability to have an Admininstrative Assistant in the Mayor’s Executive Office. To have Council members to attempt to photograph you without your permission in discussions with individuals in the State House in Annapolis while in a public setting; to presenting an Agenda for a Public Special Meeting on the same day of the meeting, which is not in accordance with the Maryland Open Meetings Act.

The deadline for making an agenda available depends on when the agenda items or topics have been determined. If they have been determined at the time notice is given, the public body is to make the agenda available then. Otherwise, the public body must make the agenda available as soon as practicable, but no later than 24 hours before the meeting. GP § 3-302.1 (a)(2), (3).

Of course the Agenda includes important issues that have never involved the citizens of Glenarden until tonight, at the meeting. Ah yes, only 5 minutes of Citizens Comments. Really?

  • Public engagement by Councilmembers outside of the halls of the Council Meeting Room has not taken place.
  • No Public Town Hall Meetings in communities around the City.
  • Absolutely nothing that involves the Mayor in work sessions or community forums.
  • No presentations of the work status as it has progressed during the past 8 months by the Council.

So here is tonight’s Agenda Neighbors and Friends:

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