On the Backdrop of Charlottesville, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Will Be Run by a Black Woman | Glamour

She is long dead, but the presence of Sally Hemings looms larger than life at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, the plantation where she was enslaved for most of her life and where a $35 million restoration of the grounds made way for the “Life of Sally Hemings” exhibit—a modest room tucked away in a wing of the great mansion that curators hope will encompass the story of a woman whose life and legacy was often ignored in history, lest it mar a great man’s legacy.

Now as the black woman who bore six children (only four lived to adulthood) by America’s third president symbolically steps from the shadows, another black woman—alive, brilliant and in all ways free—literally steps up to lead Monticello forward.
On June 15 Melody Barnes was elected vice chairman of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the nonprofit that has owned and operated Monticello for 95 years. And after a two-year term, she will become the group’s chairman, the first black person, man or woman, to ever inhabit the role, the foundation exclusively tells Glamour.

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