Minority Businesses Receive Little Federal Ad Money, Report Shows

Over the past five fiscal years, federal government agencies have spent approximately $5 billion in advertising, but only a minute share — $327 million — went to minority-owned businesses, according to a long-awaited report from the Government Accountability Office.

While non-minority-owned businesses continue to rake in billions of dollars in federal advertising money, Hispanic-owned businesses received just $192 million over five years, or about $38.4 million per year.

Black-owned businesses netted just $51 million, or about $10 million per year, over the five years covered in the new report that was prepared over a nine-month period beginning in October at the request of D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus…

Source: http://washingtoninformer.com/minority-businesses-receive-little-federal-ad-money-report-shows/

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