Why the FY 2019 Budget Approval by the Council is a Problem

Mayor Estes has waited for over a year to finally put his words into action by re-introducing idle Departments in the Administration that had gone dormant for more than a decade. The Communications Department and the Citizens Advisory Board for the Department were all set to be staffed and up and running to provide better information about legislation, news, and community activities to name a few. But things didn’t go well for Mayor Estes as all three department budget line items were shot down by the council without blinking.

img_0828As a result, Mayor Estes had no choice but to Veto the budget in hopes that the Citizens would become aware and question the Council about their decision. Unfortunately, only five residents showed up for the Special Council meeting to vote to override my Veto on O-01-2019, Emergency Ordinance to Amend the City of Glenarden’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2019.

To view the Veto Letter, click here to go to the Publications Page. There you will not only find the Veto Letter but also other past and current publications you may be interested in reading.

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