Glenarden maintains being one of the Safest Cities in Maryland

According to the well known Data Collecting Website, Glenarden ranks 5th in the State as one of the top 10 Safest Cities. We are also proud that we have maintained this top 10 rating for over 11 years and still going. This year we finished right behind Bowie, which was at one time the No. 1 safest City in Maryland. Here is what HomeSnack had to say about Glenarden

It might not be Barney Fife’s Mayberry, or maybe it is, but this safe, little Prince George County city with a vibrant community, quiet neighborhoods, and hardworking residents is just as notable and just as safe. And it is definitely why Glenarden is our fifth safest city in Maryland.

It doesn’t end there folks. This little Maryland gem, scored a strong 9/10 on our snackability scale, they also scored an 8/10 for job opportunities and an 8/10 for number of educated residents. I think it’s safe to say they’re the poster city for the rest of the state. And word on the street is that young professionals are starting to take notice and move Glenarden’s direction. So don’t wait, cuz the word is out.

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