How to Present to Decision-Makers: Four Tips for Your Local Government Career

Here’s how to earn the attention and support of your local government decision-makers, electeds, and appointed officials.

Reblogged April 9, 2019

by David Street, project manager and Caleb Weitz, chief of staff, Office of the County Administrator, Loudoun County, Virginia

One key skill you must learn in your local government career is how to present complex, technical information to decision-makers in a way that allows them to make a decision without becoming experts themselves. The earlier you begin to hone this skill, the better off you will be, because how information is presented to decision-makers, elected, appointed, or otherwise, can lead to significant organizational or community impacts. We all have experiences we can draw on of noteworthy presentations that went well… or not so well. Here are four tips to effectively brief decision-makers and make sure your presentations set the stage for the best possible discussion and action.

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