City Ordinance Challenged in District 5 Court of Maryland- and it Loss!

Today the City Manager received an email with the letter below from a private citizen that lives in Glenarden. The letter is informing that he went to court and defended four cases, and won all four. The Judge gave his opinion on what describes a commercial vehicle based on size! 

Good Afternoon All,
Today I went to District 5 Court of Maryland to defend four (4) cases, consisting of 3 vans and one trailer that were cited for being in violation of Ordinance 03-2019. I was armed with copies of the citations, photos of the violations, the city’s Charter and the adopted Ordinance. The Judge found all the vehicle owners not guilty.

The Judge found that none of the vehicles fit the description of commercial vehicles based on size (tons). I stated that the primary safety concern that prompted the City of Glenarden to adopt Ordinance 03-2019 (Commercial Vehicle Parking Restrictions) was the parking of commercial vehicles on narrow streets. When it comes down to it, the Judge contends that the vehicles in the case did not fit the category of a commercial vehicle. 

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