Solving Construction’s Workforce Shortage Requires Changes At The Top

During the last recession, contractors struggled to provide enough work for their current employees and could not afford to bring on new apprentices for electrical, carpentry and other trades.

Now, in the midst of a construction boom, aging employees are retiring from skilled trades with no one to fill their shoes.

Today, over three-quarters of contractors say they are having a difficult time filling openings in their companies, while 68% predict that hiring will become more difficult in the coming year.

Some contractors are working to address their labor issues by reaching out to students in high school and appealing to demographics like women and minorities that are currently underrepresented in construction and skilled trades.

In addition to that outreach, contractors may need to begin promoting facets of their industry that appeal to Generation Z, such as industry growth, earning potential, advancement opportunity, technological advances and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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