It’s almost Halloween, and ‘feetloaf’ is already giving us nightmares 

Uummm! Sooo Booliscious! Enjoy your Halloween Week and Weekend! Stay safe and be careful of the many scary monsters out there ready to eat your flesh!

It might have flashed across your social media feed at some point over the past week: an image of a lifelike sculpture of two severed solitary feet — not fashioned from marble or wood, or even (heaven forbid) human flesh, but rather from … raw ground beef.

You might recall the revulsion you felt when you registered the details. Rounds of white onion at the “ankle” mimic the cross-section of bone that would be revealed after the ruddy, necrotic-looking appendage had been chopped from a human body. But the extra-shuddery sensation you might have felt, probably came from the concoction’s piece de resistance: rounded slivers of onion perfectly formed into ghostly, grisly toenails that no manicurist in their right mind would touch.

Boo more: It’s almost Halloween, and ‘feetloaf’ is already giving us nightmares – The Washington Post

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