Her Story: Five Remarkable Women You Should Know

Representation matters. When we tell herstory, we tell our story. For hundreds of years, Black women have contributed in vital ways to every aspect of American life — science, literature, math, sports, politics, justice, music, entertainment, and the list goes on and on — but too often, their narratives have escaped our notice. Their stories have not been told.

So in honor of Black History month, which should be every month, let’s tell them.

I sat down with award-winning filmmaker and writer Deborah Riley Draper, whose film Olympic Pride, American Prejudice tells the story of the 18 African-American athletes who defied Jim Crow — and Adolf Hitler — when they competed in the 1936 Olympics. Her life’s work has been to find the voices of our past and bring them to our attention.

“To silence someone’s story because they lack privilege is unjust,” Draper says. “Everyone deserves to have their voice heard.”


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