Chilling video reveals how coronavirus spreads from a single cough in a supermarket

Researchers create 3-D model showing how an aerosol cloud travels in air after a person coughs

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Researchers in Finland have created a chilling video that models how coronavirus could spread from a single cough in a supermarket.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by scientists at Finland’s Aalto University. “In the 3D model, a person coughs in a corridor bounded by shelves under representative indoor ventilation airflow conditions,” the video explains. “As a result of coughing, an aerosol cloud travels in the air to the corridor. It takes up to several minutes for the cloud to spread and disperse.”

“Preliminary results indicate that aerosol particles carrying the virus can remain in the air longer than was originally thought, so it is important to avoid busy public indoor spaces,” the researchers explain in a statement. “This also reduces the risk of droplet infection, which remains the main path of transmission for coronavirus.”


As of Thursday morning, at least 1.5 million coronavirus cases have been diagnosed worldwide, 2,605 of which are in Finland. The disease has accounted for at least 89,915 deaths around the world, including 42 people in Finland

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