Companies Could Create Governments Under Nevada’s ‘Innovation Zones’ Program – News | Planetizen

If you’ve got enough money, acres upon acres of undeveloped land and an ‘innovative technology,’ you soon could form a new local government in Nevada,” reports Colton Lochhead for a paywalled article published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

I found the article and theory interesting, especially while reading the article, did I not see any information or mention on human resources and workforce equity. The central core to how an innovation zone would thrive. It only discussed the utopian fantasy of the perfect communities generated by the innovation zones. Could this kind of city & urban planning come to Maryland in the future?

Companies would require a large portion of land to be granted the same authority as county governments in the state, which includes the ability to impose taxes, create school districts, and provide public service.

According to the Associated Press, the idea has yet to take legislative form, so the Innovation Zones program is still a long way from its realization.
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