Residents Sue Prince George’s County Over Redistricting Map Approved By Council

A group of residents is suing Prince George’s County over redistricting plans that a divided council approved in November, resurrecting debate that has deepened divides among Democrats in this blue suburb.

The redistricting map — which was slammed by more than 150 residents during public testimony — removed three liberal politicians from districts in which they had started or were considering campaigning, prompting accusations of blatant political gerrymandering that eroded trust in government.

Now, with election season underway, former county council member Eric Olson, who was removed from the district in which he was campaigning, is backing a lawsuit that asks the county to adopt the redistricting plan originally proposed by a nonpartisan committee, rather than the controversial one crafted by council members. Olson is not a named plaintiff in the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Prince George’s County Circuit Court, but his campaign is paying for it.

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