Lanham 20706 Zip Code area hardest hit!

Citizens of Glenarden. Please be advised as of this morning the Glenarden /Lanham Zip Code 20706 is one of the highest number of cases reported Below is this morning snapshot of the PGC Coronavirus Dashboard. Please be aware that this is one of the HIGHEST areas of reported cases in rice Georges County. Please residents,…

Hogan Issues Stay at Home

Order Starting at 8PM Today, Governor Hogan issued a stay-at-home order for Marylanders to stop the spread of the coronavirus. That means no one should leave their home for any reason other than essential work, to get food or other fundamental reason. He said no one should travel outside of the state or ride public transportation…

What The Spread Of The Coronavirus Means For Black Communities

WHILE THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT READIES FOR A POSSIBLE PANDEMIC, THE IMPLICATIONS FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY CANNOT BE IGNORED. For more than a month, panic and perplexity have plagued Americans who are fearful of a possible coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the response from the United States government has done very little to quell the rising angst….

Where will Redskins build new stadium? Early signs point to current FedEx site

Many Redskins fans would not welcome that result. The site lacks a convenient Metro station, and is not close to restaurants or bars for postgame celebration — or mourning, given the team’s recent performance. To addresss that, Snyder is promising a domed stadium, usable all year, to anchor a multipurpose entertainment complex including a hotel,…

Celebration! Black History Month 2020

Mayor Estes is proud to share the 2020 Black History Month Community Calendar with you! It is an excellent publication that provides dates, insight and information regarding events taking place over the entire County. Please click on the image or link to view the publication. Click on the link to view the brochure: